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How Long Does It Take to Settle a Car Accident Claim?

Posted in Car Accidents on Friday, March 8, 2024.

The answer to this question depends on many factors. When a car accident happens, motorists typically call the police, file a police report, get witness statements, and collect each other’s personal and insurance information.

When you sustain severe harm and losses after a crash, you could seek compensation with the help of a skilled attorney. Often, you do not have to go to court and can seek a fair settlement amount for your injuries. Legal action can be complicated, and you may wonder how long it takes to settle a car accident claim. Our team is ready to guide you through this process in a timely manner.

Factors Impacting Time to Settlement

The length of time it takes to settle a claim is affected by several facts and circumstances surrounding the car accident. Depending on the situation, these factors could include items such as:

  • The number of people or vehicles involved in the accident
  • Whether any commercial vehicles were involved in the crash
  • Whether the parties dispute fault for the wreck or if multiple people potentially share fault for the wreck
  • Whether and how long the injured person will need to miss time from work
  • The severity of the injuries that result from the accident and the length of medical treatment necessary

The combination of these and other considerations can have a great impact on the amount of time a claim takes to complete. An experienced lawyer could evaluate the circumstances of a particular accident and assist an injured person in estimating how long their particular claim may take.

How a Lawyer Can Help

A lawyer can do the negotiating and fend off some of the typical insurance company tactics, such as lowball settlement offers and trying to get you to make statements against your interest.

Some of the lawyer’s work might be in investigating the claim further—reviewing security camera footage, reading witness statements, recreating an accident—to give you a stronger hand in these negotiations.

Taking a Claim to Court

If the case goes to court—typically a last resort—the process can take several months, constituting a few legal filings and court appearances. The statute of limitations is two years, meaning you have two years from the date of your injury to bring a case. The statute of limitations does not indicate the length of time a case takes to be resolved; it only refers to how long you have to start a suit.

While going to court is stressful, having a practiced attorney on your side will give you a powerful advocate to argue your side and present a strong case for the full range of damages available.

Discuss How Long It Takes To Settle a Car Accident Claim With an Attorney Today

How long does it take to settle a car accident claim? Call a lawyer today to learn more about securing a settlement or seeking other options for compensation. Our team is dedicated to helping you get the reimbursement you deserve.