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Side Impact/T-Bone Car Accidents in Allentown

Side impact collisions—also known as T-bone accidents—have the potential to cause severe physical injuries. They occur when the front of a car strikes the side of another, and they are frequently attributed to an act of negligence.

If you were hurt in a side impact/T-bone car accident in Allentown, now is the time to consider your legal options. You may be entitled to a monetary award that addresses everything from your medical expenses to your pain and suffering. Let a dedicated vehicle collision attorney advise you on how to proceed.

How Side Impact Collisions Happen

Side impact car accidents are common throughout Allentown, especially in intersections. In cases where a motorist fails to yield to a traffic control device, the chances of being struck by cross traffic increase. Depending on the circumstances, the negligent driver could be struck in the side of the vehicle, or they could crash into another car that had legally entered the intersection.

These incidents can also occur when a motorist pulls out of a street or parking lot. Collisions are likely if a person fails to keep a watchful eye out for drivers already established in the lane.

Human error is typically to blame for these crashes. They might occur if a motorist is distracted or impaired and fails to notice a light changed to red. Another example could involve a speeding driver who is unable to come to a complete stop in time to avoid hitting the other party.

Common Injuries

The injuries involved in a T-bone crash in Allentown are often severe, especially for the passenger on the side where the damage occurred. In some situations, the consequences can be permanent. Some of the common examples can include internal bleeding, fractures, whiplash, paralysis, or even death.

Recovering from these conditions can be a costly and time-consuming process. With the help of an attorney, it may be possible to recover the cost of any necessary medical care in addition to the other losses. One of the benefits of working with an experienced attorney is that they can assist with identifying the value of an injury case.

Building a Winning T-Bone Crash Case

Juries will not award damages following a T-bone crash without a good reason. In order to prove negligence, the injured party will need to offer strong evidence. This can come in different forms. Some of the strongest possible proof is the video of the collision. Whether from dash cams or security cameras, footage of the incident allows a jury to see what happened and decide who was at fault.

Witness statements are also valuable. When a person who has no connection to either party is present for the crash, their testimony is often given heavy consideration by the jury due to their neutrality. An attorney in Allentown could collect other evidence of a side-impact accident, including medical records, police reports, and photos of the crash site.

Talk to an Allentown Attorney About Side Impact/T-Bone Car Accidents

If you have been injured in one of these collisions, you might have a strong case for financial compensation. Drivers have a duty to be careful when they enter an intersection, and the failure to do so can lead to side impact/T-bone car accidents in Allentown.

Your case is important. Do not put your financial recovery at risk by filing a lawsuit by yourself. Reach out to an attorney today for the help you need.