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Philadelphia Personal Injury Blog

On behalf of greg On Thursday, February 15, 2024.

When you regularly book rides with Uber, you are probably confident that rideshare drivers are experienced and take their jobs seriously. Even if they do, car accidents can happen and depending on the details, living through one can be emotionally upsetting. The circumstances also have everything to do with your rights and Uber’s obligations if […]

On behalf of greg On Monday, February 12, 2024.

Drunk driving is dangerous. Unfortunately, some people still believe they are the exception to the rule and get behind the wheel while drunk, endangering both themselves and others. When you have been injured because of a drunk driver, you may have a legal right to have the driver compensate you for your injuries. Obtaining that […]

On behalf of greg On Friday, February 9, 2024.

When you have been hurt because of the reckless or careless actions of a commercial truck driver, you deserve to be fully and fairly compensated for your injuries. Unfortunately, you cannot always rely on insurance companies to do this for you—their incentive is to pay out as little as possible. When the insurance companies do […]

On behalf of greg On Wednesday, February 7, 2024.

Being hurt in an accident can be a trying experience. In addition to the injuries, the stress imposed from the aftermath can be difficult. Stress can arise from the uncertainty of whether you will be fairly compensated for the accident or not. The best way to understand your chances of getting a settlement after an […]

On behalf of greg On Friday, December 29, 2023.

When you lose your beloved family member in a tragic accident caused by someone else’s misconduct, you might find it difficult to go on with your life. The sudden loss of companionship and support can be overwhelming. Without your loved one’s financial contribution to your household’s income, you might also find your family facing immense […]

On behalf of greg On Thursday, December 28, 2023.

Even though people like to joke about the old television commercial where an older person has fallen and can’t get up, a slip and fall is often no laughing matter. People of any age can suffer severe and even life-threatening injuries in falls. If you fell recently, you might need extensive medical care and therapy […]

On behalf of greg On Tuesday, December 26, 2023.

When an injury is serious enough, the first thing to do is seek emergency medical attention by calling 911 or going to the nearest emergency room. Medical staff will triage you and ensure that any serious injuries requiring immediate attention–such as fractures, head trauma, and open wounds–are cared for right away. In non-emergency situations, you […]

On behalf of greg On Friday, December 22, 2023.

In many ways, truck accident lawsuits are the same as other car accident lawsuits. Most are ultimately settled out of court, and when they do go to court, the same elements of negligence, accident, and injury must be proven. However, commercial trucks like tractor-trailers, big rigs, and other delivery trucks can weigh nearly 76,000 pounds, […]

On behalf of greg On Thursday, December 21, 2023.

In short, the answer is no. Although the ultimate decision will depend on the specifics of your case, there are alternative ways of resolving many personal injury cases without spending a single day in court. Contact us to discuss: do I have to go to court for my personal injury claim? Negotiating with Insurance Companies […]

On behalf of greg On Wednesday, December 20, 2023.

A personal injury lawsuit is an effective way to collect restitution after someone has injured you in a negligent car accident. While going to trial may provide the best results for some, there are advantages to the guaranteed outcome of settling out of court for others. It can be challenging to know what is a […]