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Client Testimonials From Satisfied Soloff & Zervanos, P.C. Clients

“I am very grateful to Soloff & Zervanos attorneys at law, for my representation from Mr. Pumphrey who is a magnificent lawyer. John really cared and was diligent in being the best representation for me. My case was very difficult, and John took the time and was compassionate and patient. He showed much concern working really hard for the best outcome. Mr. Pumphrey fought from all angles for me, just knowing that someone had my back was a blessing. I would definitely recommend him and his firm. I’m now able to live my best life, and it’s something beautiful. I’m able to live happily and more abundantly, and I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Pumphrey.” — Yolanda Wesley

John Pumphrey has been my attorney for three personal injury cases, since 2016, and I could tell from the day I first met him to consult him on my first case that he was an empathetic person who would fight tooth and nail to get me the highest settlement that each of my cases was eligible for. It is because of his fervor to get justice for his clients that I have been able to get the best medical care and physical therapy to help me get back on my feet, and to have the peace of mind that my bills are paid while being able to start and continue pursuing my dream of becoming a doctor. I have since referred family and friends to him and I won’t hesitate to continue referring loved ones or have him handle another case for me in the future, shall I need it.” — Fotini Malliaris

“I first met John Zervanos in 2010 after being horribly injured in an explosion at work. We, as a family, were devastated from and I knew I would never be able to work again. I was terribly disfigured from severe burns throughout my body. I went through years of painful rehabilitation and multiple surgeries. John was able to obtain a housing allowance and even negotiated the purchase of a modified vehicle for me. My recovery was very difficult and I will live with these injuries for the rest of my life. He was always there throughout the process answering questions and making sure I understood how my case was proceeding. He and his firm filed suit against several companies and also managed my worker’s compensation claim. After years of fighting in the appellate courts we were finally able to negotiate a substantial settlement this year. He was also able to negotiate the resolution of my very complicated worker’s compensation claim. I and my family will be taken care of for the rest of my life and I now feel financially secure. I remain disabled and will never be able to live the life I had but his firm always treated me with dignity and kindness and I will never forget them for their help and guidance. I can’t thank them enough for all the help and support each and everyone at the firm did. I will highly recommend this firm to all my friends, family, and anyone who needs a law firm to fight and treat you right.” — George Stoner

I was injured in a bad car accident. My car insurance company kept giving me the run around for 18 months. I was referred to as Donald Soloff. From the first day I met him…I knew he was the man for me! Don was extremely thorough right from the start. From the beginning to end every question was answered and resolved in such a short time. Don’s secretary JEN was the most efficient person I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. No question too big or small, Jen was back to you with the answer immediately. I would HIGHLY recommend this firm in a heart beat. Don fought to get me the compensation I deserved. I couldn’t have been any happier with the entire process. Thank you so much for the EXCELLENT service I received. It was truly life changing!” — Shelly Miller Vilas

“Don Soloff helped my family and me through a very rough time. We didn’t know who to turn to or who to trust, but right away I could tell that our best interests were truly his biggest concern. He and his staff were honest and able to give us the legal help and moral support that we needed. It was only because of his diligence and commitment that we did receive justice, closure and peace of mind.” — Jack Brennan

“John Zervanos proved he was a fighter on my case. He was prepared and aggressive in court, which showed me that he and his firm were willing to go all the way. John was truly dedicated to my case and his work resulted in a settlement that changed my life in a way which I never expected. I will always be grateful to John and all the staff at Soloff & Zervanos.” — Ron Stoudt

“I wasn’t even sure if I had a case, but that didn’t matter to her. From that first phone call, Alison Soloff was willing to take the time to listen to me. She made me feel comfortable telling the details of my child’s injury. Alison listened harder and fought harder than I believe any other lawyer would have. She really cared and was there for us every step of the way. I will always be grateful to her for giving us the ability to take care of our son and provide him with the things he would never have had.” — Maria Mendez

Jeff Fritz is a spectacular lawyer. Even though my case was hard and against a big company, he was always on the offensive and never got pushed around. From the beginning, I knew that I was in good hands with Jeff. My greatest reward was knowing I had a lawyer who was compassionate, understanding and caring. He stood up for me all through my case and even changed the law so others will be helped in the future.” — Helen S. Ziatyk

Soloff & Zervanos were excellent lawyers. They were on top of things all the time and kept me updated on a regular basis. I was out of work for 18 months with my injuries to my leg and this was very important to me. I never had to pester them for anything. They did a great job for me and I’m very grateful.” — Raymond Tourangeau

“There are many benefits that come with being born into a large family, but when you are from a large family like myself, there are many times when you need legal advice and counsel. My family and friends have sought council from Donald Soloff for many years now. He has handled a few very large life-changing cases as well as many minor cases that I have personal knowledge of. He has proven to be a reliable advocate and has fought for justice and compensation for my friends and family. Don and his staff always let you know exactly what to expect and communicate with you throughout the entire case. I have and will continue to recommend Donald Soloff because I feel very confident that he will fight for the best outcome for his clients. Thank you, Donald Soloff, so much for all your help.” — Jim Carr