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Allentown Boat Accident Lawyer

Collisions on the water can quickly turn fatal when you add alcohol or inclement weather. Regardless of how well-trained an operator is or their experience level, sometimes boaters fail to take the necessary precautions before hitting the water.

After a boating-related incident, it is important to understand and protect your rights so you can get the help you need. An Allentown boat accident lawyer could secure significant financial assistance to pay your bills while you focus on recovery. Contact a personal injury attorney to start a claim against a negligent boater.

Injuries on the Water

Boating accidents are common due to many operators not having the training or experience needed to keep others safe. There is a wide range of accidents that can happen. The following examples are a handful of ways people can be hurt on the water:

  • Boat collisions
  • Jet skis colliding with larger vessels or stationary structures
  • Drowning deaths due to falling overboard without a life vest
  • Propeller injuries
  • Sunken boats due to overloading
  • Fires and explosions

It is important to keep in mind that even larger commercial vessels can be unsafe. Often, those injuries involve companies not wanting to make repairs or trying to save money on essential safety features. An attorney in Allentown could determine the cause of the boat crash and who is to blame.

Contributing Factors Leading to Boat Crashes and Water-Related Injuries

Many boating and water-related activities involve alcohol, and a lot of people buy a boat for the first time, having never operated one before. Sometimes, new boat owners are eager to hit the water, even though they may not be familiar with the area or its waterways. They may also lack the training needed to effectively keep everyone safe.

Sometimes, simply not using appropriate floatation devices or life vests causes boating injuries. Remember, when someone falls off a boat and strikes their head, they may lose consciousness. Even the strongest swimmers have died in boating accidents due to not wearing a life vest. This is even more common in commercial boating activities, like tour boats. Some tour companies will attempt to maximize profits by overloading a boat with too many passengers. Or they may cut corners to save money by not making critical repairs to engine components and wiring, which can lead to a fire.

How to Avoid Injuries When Boating

First, always ensure the operator of the boat is experienced with their craft and familiar with the area. If not, look for a more experienced boater who might be able to go along. Second, ensure there is always a sober person in charge. Be sure that life vests are available for each passenger. Finally, while alcohol can be fun, be sure that everyone is committed to being responsible when drinking on board.

As a final note, even with the best planning and a sober, experienced captain operating a watercraft, there are still many ways people have been injured. Even commercial and for-hire vessels can be dangerous due to engine problems, wiring issues, or attempting to put too much weight on the vessel. An Allentown lawyer could provide more information about safe boating and vessel crash claims.

Contact an Allentown Boat Accident Attorney to Discuss a Case

While no one wants to think about what they would do after a serious or fatal accident on the water, it is always best to work closely with an Allentown boating injury attorney as soon as possible. Negligent boaters should be held responsible for their actions. Contact our team to discuss your claim and next steps.