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Cherry Hill Construction Accident Attorney

Construction sites seem to be everywhere, and while they help bring new buildings and roads to us all, they are also full of dangers. Most of the victims are construction workers who are simply trying to do their job, but passersby can also be injured from a construction accident. If you are injured on a construction site, you will need to contact a Cherry Hill construction accident attorney to discuss your options.

How Construction Accidents Occur

You might be curious about how construction accidents happen, and there is no one answer. There are several ways that an accident can occur, outlined here.

  • Falls from heights: Construction sites will require workers to be up high in some cases. If safety procedures are not followed, they can easily fall, resulting in death. If workers survive, they can be left with lifelong injuries or a permanent disability.
  • Electrocution injuries:  Electricity is essential in every home or office, and electrical workers can be found on construction sites. There may be wires, and if workers are not careful, an accident can occur. These types of accidents can lead to heart conditions and death.
  • Crane accidents: This is one of the most common types of machinery found on construction sites. Due to this fact, it is the most common one to cause an accident. Construction workers must have adequate training to operate this machinery. If safety equipment is not worn or training is not complete, this can cause serious injury to the operator and those around them.
  • Trench collapses: Some construction projects require workers to work underground. Regardless of the precautions that workers take, accidents can still happen. A trench collapsing can injure everyone working underneath and leave them trapped for some time.
  • Machinery accidents:  While cranes are the most common machinery found on a construction site, there are many others. If any of these machines malfunction or is misused, it can result in serious injuries.

No matter how your construction accident occurred, you must have a Cherry Hill construction accident attorney fighting for your rights or those of a lost loved one.

Injuries From a Construction Accident

There are many different kinds of injuries you can sustain from a construction accident, including:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Concussions
  • Sprains and strains
  • Internal bleeding
  • Internal organ damage
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken bones

Many of these injuries will require extensive treatment and can even result in permanent disability. Some accidents lead to the death of a loved one, and the survivors may be entitled to obtain survivors’ benefits.

Seek Legal Counsel from a Cherry Hill Construction Accident Attorney

It can seem impossible to obtain compensation after an accident, but it is not if you have a Cherry Hill construction accident attorney fighting for you. We will be able to receive compensation for medical bills, lost income, and disability, depending on the circumstances of your case. Call the office of Soloff & Zervanos, P.C. at 866-597-8572, or complete a contact form to speak with a Cherry Hill construction accident attorney.