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Cherry Hill Pedestrian Accident Attorney

We often think that the suburbs are a safe place to be, especially to walk your dog or take a stroll through the neighborhood. Cherry Hill is one of the places you would think would fall into this category. The reality is that a pedestrian accident can happen in any city or town and the consequences can often be devastating. If you are involved in an accident you will need the help of a pedestrian accident attorney.

Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

It is not uncommon to see negligent drivers cause pedestrian accidents. They are often distracted or behave recklessly. Drivers will be distracted by their cell phones most often texting or talking. This can put everyone at risk, especially pedestrians. Another common cause of pedestrian accidents is drunk drivers failing to yield to a pedestrian is another common reason why accidents happen.

Drivers can get very impatient and not wait for the pedestrians to cross. This can lead to a very severe accident and the rush they were in will turn into a lot of trouble. A pedestrian may have their cross calculated until a driver changes lanes. This often happens on multi-lane roads. No matter the cause, you will need a Cherry Hill pedestrian accident attorney by your side.

Right of Way for Pedestrians

Pedestrians have rights just like anyone else using our roads. There are laws in place regarding the right of way. If there is no traffic signal in an intersection or crosswalk, then the pedestrian has the right of way. If a pedestrian is crossing anywhere outside of a crosswalk then passing vehicles have the right of way. If there is a motor vehicle entering the sidewalk they must yield to pedestrians. Pedestrian accidents can happen in a range of places like:

  • Parking lots
  • Sidewalks
  • Crosswalks
  • Intersections

You should always stay alert of your surroundings and take precautions when you can. Do not trust that the insurance company will do the right thing, instead contact our office immediately after an accident.

Determining Fault After a Pedestrian Accident

Determining fault can be tricky in some cases. Most often it is assumed that the driver was the at-fault party but there are times where this is not the case. There may be some liability placed on the pedestrian depending on the facts of the case. An investigation must be conducted by law enforcement, insurance companies, and a Cherry Hill pedestrian accident attorney so the correct party is held liable.

What if a Pedestrian Walked Into the Road?

This can often be a complicated matter as the pedestrian is crossing in the middle of the road and not using the crosswalks. The general rule is that if a pedestrian is crossing they must yield to oncoming traffic. However, motor vehicles can share liability if they were violating a traffic law like speeding or distracted driving.

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