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Cherry Hill Sexual Assault Attorney

One of the most sensitive and traumatic experiences a person can experience is sexual assault or abuse. Many sexual assaults are not reported, so the actual number of these cases is unknown. Victims may be scared to report and be unaware that they have legal rights after an assault. It can even be scarier to report if the abuser is a teacher, priest, doctor, or employer. Our Cherry Hill sexual assault attorney is here to help you fight against these perpetrators.

Types of Cases We Handle

Sexual assault can happen to any person of any age, including children. Minors suffer far more trauma than an adult as they may not have even hit puberty or have an understanding of what is happening. Adults abuse them they are supposed to trust, and because of that trust, they are unsure of what to do. These adults also use their status to convince the child that sexual assault did not happen and do not need to tell their parents or the authorities. Soloff & Zervanos, P.C. fights cases involving the abuse of a child by the following parties:

  • Youth organizations
  • Teachers and schools
  • Foster care
  • Incest
  • Coaches
  • Family members
  • health care workers
  • Clergy

Adults can also be abused by the parties mentioned above in addition to these other parties:

No matter the party that assaulted you, our Cherry Hill sexual assault attorney is here to protect your rights.

Consent and Sexual Assault

The age of consent is 16 years of age. That means that no minor under 16 can consent to any form of sexual intercourse. The only exception is the “Romeo and Juliet” exception that relates to minors who had a relationship with a person within four years of age of one another. This means they cannot be convicted of statutory rape. This is for consensual relationships and not for assaults or rape.

Criminal Versus Civil

There are two legal routes for sexual assault cases; criminal and civil. You have the right to pursue a civil case even if a criminal case is not filed. The critical difference between the two types of cases is how much evidence must be presented.

A civil case does not require you to prove that the assault or abuse occurred beyond a reasonable doubt. Instead, the court will look at the preponderance of the evidence presented by your Cherry Hill sexual assault attorney.

A criminal case must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the assault or abuse occurred. There can be no question that the act happened and you or your child were the victims.

How a Cherry Hill Sexual Assault Attorney Can Help

Sexual assault cases are complicated and emotional. The trauma often lasts a lifetime and can require therapy. You will need an experienced Cherry Hill sexual assault attorney from  Soloff & Zervanos, P.C. to handle your case. Call our office at 866-597-8572, or complete a contact form to discuss your circumstances today.