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Jersey City Sexual Abuse In School Attorney

Schools are supposed to be safe places for our kids and the last thing we ever expect is that they will be sexually abused by the people they trust. However, we know that sexual abuse is a problem in this country and that teachers, counselors, coaches, are often the perpetrators.

The team at Soloff & Zervanos, P.C. is standing by, ready to help you during this difficult time. When you need a Jersey City sexual abuse in school attorney, we want to work to secure the compensation you need.

What Can Happen In Schools?

First, we need to give you the statistics of child sexual abuse in the US before we can begin to comprehend the problem extends to school. According to Darkness to Light and the National Center for Victims of Crime, we know the following:

  • One out of every 10 children will be sexually abused before they turn 18.
  • One in 5 girls and one in 20 boys will be victims of sexual abuse.
  • 90% of sexual abuse victims knew their abuser.

It is that last item that should really cause alarm, especially when we are talking about schools. Darkness to Light tells us that one in seven incidents of child sexual abuse happens on schooldays.

In the school setting, we know that children have been abused by the following:

  • Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Counselors
  • Administrators
  • Volunteers
  • Other staff members
  • Older or stronger children

We need to be aware of the signs and symptoms of abuse. Many children who are abused are too young to understand or communicate what is happening to them. Parents should always be on the lookout for both physical and emotional signs of abuse, including changes in behavior, a child becoming withdrawn, anger, sadness, and more.

What Are The Effects Of Abuse?

Victims of abuse are going to suffer long-term effects that often do not manifest until they are older. Many survivors of child sexual abuse report having emotional and psychological problems, including post-traumatic stress disorder.

Survivors often need life-long counseling to help them deal with the abuse they suffered at the hands of the school staff. In most New Jersey school sexual abuse cases, the victim and their families trusted the abuser. That betrayal of trust is unthinkable and the perpetrators need to be held accountable.

If You Discover Abuse Has Occurred

If you have discovered that your child has been sexually abused in school, you need to secure legal assistance now. There may be a criminal case involved, but we also want to pursue the perpetrator in a civil case so you can secure the compensation you deserve. Soloff & Zervanos, P.C. is ready to be your advocate.

When you need a Jersey City abuse in school attorney, you can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling us at 866-597-8572. The effect of child sexual abuse are long-lasting, but that does not mean you have to be a helpless victim. Speaking up can help bring closure and a sense of justice.