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Lancaster Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Riding a bike is something almost every child learns to do. Kids frequently spend time traveling all around various neighborhoods on their bikes. Adults also often use bikes to get around the city because bike riding can be a great way to get exercise while commuting. However, when bike riders do not have dedicated bike lanes and need to use the same roads as cars, buses, and trucks, accidents can occur. Accidents involving cars and bikes often result in life-altering or even fatal injuries.

If a motor vehicle struck you while you were on your bike, you might have legal options available to you. A Lancaster bicycle accident lawyer could help you seek financial damages in a personal injury lawsuit.

What Should Someone Do After a Bike Accident?

The steps that someone takes in the minutes, hours, days, and even weeks after a bike accident can make a difference in the eventual outcome of a lawsuit.

Seek Medical Attention

Anyone struck by a car is at risk of experiencing severe injuries. They should immediately call 911 for emergency help. Even if they feel they are not in pain and do not have any visible injuries, they should still seek medical assistance. A full physical examination by a doctor or emergency medical technician could identify hidden injuries that might lead to serious harm if left untreated. Another benefit to receiving medical attention is that the doctor’s medical report could be a valuable piece of evidence if an injured cyclist later decides to file a claim for damages because the report provides a link showing the bike crash caused the cyclist’s injuries.

Gather Evidence

If the cyclist is not too injured or if they have a friend nearby who can help, they should try to gather evidence. They should take pictures of the crash scene that show any physical evidence, such as skid marks, traffic lights, and road debris. They should also take pictures of damage to the bike and their injuries. They should write down the contact information of the driver and any witnesses. A skilled attorney could follow up with the witnesses to learn what they saw.

Do Not Talk About the Accident

Hurt bike riders should try not to talk about the accident with the driver or their insurance company. The motorist’s insurance provider might try to take advantage of the cyclist’s shock to trick them into saying the wrong thing, which the insurer could then use as justification for rejecting their claim or reducing their benefits.

Our experienced attorneys in Lancaster could guide an injured rider through a bike crash claim by offering them helpful advice at every stage.

Potential Defendants in a Bike Accident Lawsuit

Different parties could be at fault in a bike crash.

Negligent Driver

Careless drivers who are distracted, overtired, drunk, or speeding are often responsible for accidents, which can occur when a motorist turns in front of a bike or even opens their parked car and strikes an oncoming cyclist.

Governmental Authority

The local or state agency in charge of maintaining the roads could be responsible if dangerous road conditions led to a crash.

Car or Bicycle Manufacturer

If a defective car or bike part contributed to the crash, the product’s manufacturers could be legally responsible.

Driver’s Employer

If the motorist was a commercial driver working at the time of the accident, their employer might be liable for their negligent driving errors.

A practiced Lancaster lawyer could investigate the bicycle accident by closely examining the official police report, medical records, crash scene pictures, surveillance videos, and eyewitness accounts to get a full understanding of what happened and who is potentially legally at fault.

Call a Lancaster Bicycle Accident Attorney

Bike riders have legal rights and deserve the respect of other people on the road. After experiencing serious injuries in a bike crash, you need to work hard to get better. Let a dedicated legal team focus on pursuing a lawsuit against the person who caused your accident while you focus on recovering.

Call a seasoned Lancaster bicycle accident lawyer today to discuss your options.