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Lancaster Bus Accident Lawyer

Trying to navigate your way to work or school every day through crowded busy streets can be draining, which is why many people choose to take public transportation. Many Lancaster residents believe that traveling by bus is a more practical, less stressful, and cheaper option for getting around the city. Unfortunately, buses occasionally get into accidents, which can result in devastating injuries to bus passengers and people in other vehicles or on the ground.

After experiencing harm in a bus crash, you might be able to pursue damages in a personal injury claim. A trusted Lancaster bus accident lawyer could help you seek justice against the people responsible for the accident.

Calculating the Potential Value of a Lancaster Bus Crash Claim

An experienced legal team could help build a strong claim for fair compensation that could include recovery of the following:

  • Current and anticipated future medical costs, including rehabilitation expenses
  • Lost wages and reduced or lost future earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental distress

A compassionate attorney in Lancaster understands the burdens bus crash survivors face and wants to help them improve their lives.

Who is At Fault for a Bus Crash?

When a bus passenger or someone in another car is struck by a bus, they might suffer significant physical and emotional injuries. When their injuries are so serious that they interfere with their ability to work, they might have no means to pay for their medical treatments or other expenses. An injured person could look to another party to compensate them for their losses.

Bus Driver

Many bus accidents happen because a driver makes a careless mistake, such as driving too fast, looking at their cell phone, or ignoring traffic signs. If the crash occurred because of a bus driver’s negligence or recklessness, the injured person could sue the driver. However, the driver’s individual insurance plan might not cover the cost of someone’s injuries.

Bus Company

In certain circumstances, the injured person could also look to the bus company that employed the driver because they had a duty to hire competent drivers and provide those drivers with adequate training. For instance, if the bus company knowingly hires a driver with a history of driving citations, they could be liable. Similarly, the company could be legally responsible if they provided no guidance or training to their new drivers.

A bus company could also be responsible for not maintaining their vehicles properly if an accident occurred because of preventable mechanical problems.


If a crash happens because of preventable mechanical issues, the mechanic in charge of inspecting and maintaining the bus could also be legally to blame if they failed to make necessary repairs to the bus.

Manufacturing Company

When an accident happens because of a defective automotive part on the bus, the bus manufacturer could be at fault.

Third-Party Drivers

If another driver’s wrongful actions caused the bus to crash, the third-party driver could be a potential defendant in a civil claim.

Local or State Authority

The governmental agency in charge of maintaining and repairing roads could be responsible for a bus accident caused by a large pothole, uncleared ice and snow, or unclear construction detours.

A dedicated attorney could investigate to determine who is potentially liable for a bus collision in Lancaster and help the injured person bring a claim against all responsible parties in an effort to maximize their potential damages recovery.

Contact a Lancaster Bus Accident Attorney

Bus crashes can result in serious injuries to a lot of people. A seasoned local attorney could help you assess the effect the crash has had on your life in order to calculate a fair damages award that could help you and your family get back on your feet again. Contact a Lancaster bus accident lawyer as soon as you can to start fighting for justice.