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Lancaster Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Getting appropriate compensation after a motorcycle accident presents unique challenges. You need a personal injury attorney with experience representing injured bikers.

When you get into a crash on your bike and someone else is at fault, contact a Lancaster motorcycle accident lawyer immediately. They can ensure you receive fair treatment and get the compensation you deserve.

Motorcycle Accident Claims Are Different Than Car Accident Claims

The differences between motorcycle collisions and crashes involving only enclosed vehicles start at the scene of the accident. The debris field caused by a motorcycle accident is often larger than the debris field for an accident involving cars. As the debris field might reveal important clues about how the accident occurred, it is critical for the police to document it thoroughly and preserve all the evidence they find.

Insurance coverage is different, as well. Anyone registering a passenger car or truck in the state must have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage to pay their medical bills, regardless of fault. Although motorcyclists must have liability coverage, most insurers providing motorcycle insurance do not offer PIP coverage. However, unlike drivers of enclosed vehicles, motorcyclists in Pennsylvania always have the right to sue the parties at fault for their injuries.

The third big difference between motorcycle accident claims and car accident claims is insurance company prejudice against bikers. Insurers presume a biker is reckless just because they ride a motorcycle, despite what the evidence might show. Working with a knowledgeable Lancaster crash attorney with experience representing bikers can force the insurer to respond to the facts rather than their negative perceptions.

 Other Parties’ Negligence Often Causes Motorcycle Collisions

A motorcyclist suing for compensation must prove the other party was at fault for the accident. Drivers of enclosed vehicles are often to blame. Motorcycle accidents could happen when drivers:

  • Text or talk on the phone
  • Speed or drive too fast for conditions
  • Drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Use aggressive tactics around motorcycles
  • Change lanes or merge without leaving a motorcycle sufficient clearance

In addition, a phenomenon called inattentional blindness can prevent a driver from seeing a motorcycle even when it is in clear view. A driver expects to see larger vehicles, and a motorcycle in their field of vision does not track in their brain.

Insurance coverage limits the compensation a motorcyclist can obtain. When a driver or other responsible party has low coverage limits, a Lancaster attorney could search for others, such as vehicle manufacturers or the local government responsible for maintaining the road, that might share responsibility for the motorcycle accident.

Compensation Available in a Motorcycle Crash Case

Motorcycle collisions can cause serious injuries that are as devastating financially as they are physically and emotionally. Compensation for the accident should cover all medical and rehabilitation expenses, income loss, and any future losses due to ongoing medical needs or diminished capacity to earn a living.

An injured biker could also receive compensation for their reduced quality of life after the accident. The responsible party should pay for the motorcyclist’s emotional trauma, physical suffering, disability, scarring, lost opportunity to participate in enjoyable activities, and similar losses.

42 Pennsylvania Statutes Annotated § 7102 allows an injured person to collect compensation even when they are partially responsible for the event that caused the injury, but the amount is reduced to reflect their fault. Insurance companies use this law to reduce the amount they must pay. A biker can preserve their right to collect maximum compensation by working with a motorcycle collision lawyer in Lancaster who will fight to ensure they do not assume more than their fair share of the responsibility.

Call a Lancaster Attorney After a Motorcycle Accident

Handling a motorcycle accident claim by yourself is unwise. Working with a legal representative signals that you are serious about getting the compensation you deserve and are prepared to take the matter to court if necessary.

The claims process will be less stressful and likely more lucrative when you work with a Lancaster motorcycle accident lawyer. Reach out today to discuss your situation with a capable attorney.