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Lancaster Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

The decision to place a loved one in a nursing facility can be difficult under the best of circumstances. This necessary move can become even more challenging when signs of abuse or neglect become obvious. If your loved one has unexplained injuries, it is time to speak with a Lancaster nursing home abuse lawyer.

No one should have to live out their golden years in fear. This goes beyond the risk of being harmed and includes suffering emotional or psychological distress as well. A dedicated injury attorney could review the circumstances and advise your family of their options.

Examples of Nursing Home Abuse

Unexplained physical injuries are one of the most common signs of abuse. They can include cuts, bruises, bed sores, or broken bones, to name a few. While injuries happen in these facilities, wounds that cannot be explained might be a sign of physical violence.

This kind of poor treatment is not always physical in nature. A nursing home resident might also be the target of sexual assault or harassment. Many people live in these facilities because of their cognitive state or their inability to care for themselves, making them targets for predators.

For the same reasons, financial fraud is also commonplace among elderly residents. It can be something simple, like the theft of an item from a private room. Alternatively, these acts might include complex fraud like unauthorized changes to a last will and testament.

Neglect is also a serious example to be aware of. It involves the failure or refusal to attend to the basic needs of another person. When employees are neglectful, it can result in severe physical and emotional trauma. An attorney in Lancaster could pursue legal action based on any of these types of nursing home abuse.

Recoverable Damages in Abuse or Neglect Cases

Different types of monetary damages may be available from a successful civil suit. A nursing home abuse lawyer in Lancaster could pursue the following forms of compensation:

Medical Expenses

Physical injuries often require emergency medical treatment, especially among older individuals. This treatment can be as costly as it is extensive. When a lawsuit is successful, a resident could recover damages based on these expenses.

Relocation Costs

For the family of abuse victims, the first step after learning of their mistreatment is often moving them to a different facility. Unfortunately, steep financial costs come with moving from one nursing home to another. A settlement could pay any expenses related to breaking a current contract or making new arrangements.

Pain and Suffering

Many people who have lived through these traumatic events face serious, ongoing physical pain. While many injuries will ultimately heal, the time it takes to recover is often much longer for older individuals. Certain wounds, like those that include nerve damage, can also lead to chronic pain that never goes away. A financial settlement may be based in part on the extent of that suffering.

Talk to a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Lancaster Today

If your family member was victimized in a residential facility, they deserve justice. The right legal counsel could help them hold the abuser and anyone who enabled them responsible. Let a Lancaster nursing home abuse lawyer advocate for your family. Reach out as soon as possible for a confidential consultation.