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Philadelphia Bedsores Lawyer

When a family member suffers a bedsore injury in a nursing home or hospital, it may be a sign of neglect. Bedsores typically happens when an immobile patient is left to lie or sit in one position.

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Signs Of Bedsore Injuries

When a patient cannot move himself or herself, it is the responsibility of the nursing home or hospital staff to reposition the patient. This may need to be done frequently to prevent pressure sores from forming on vulnerable areas of the patient’s body, such as the shoulders, hips, coccyx and backs of the heels.

There are four stages of bedsore injuries:

  • Stage 1: On a light-skinned person, the skin may appear red. On a dark-skinned person, it may appear discolored.
  • Stage 2: The patient may have a shallow wound that looks like a blister.
  • Stage 3: The ulcer deepens, and may expose fat and dead tissue.
  • Stage 4. The sore may expose tissues such as muscles or bone.

Bedsores can lead to life-threatening health complications such as bacterial infections or sepsis, cellulitis, infections of bones and joints, and squamous cell carcinoma.

If your loved one suffered health complications due to neglect in a nursing home or care facility, our lawyers will do everything they can to hold the care providers responsible and obtain compensation for your family members.

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