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Reading Burn Injury Lawyer

Severe burns, especially those that cover a significant portion of the body, are among the most painful and life-altering injuries people can sustain. The injured person has a right to pursue action when someone else’s negligence causes them substantial harm.

You could be eligible for a payout to cover your damages and losses when the thoughtless actions of another caused you severe burns. A catastrophic injury attorney could determine the amount of compensation you could seek. Call a seasoned Reading burn injury lawyer to schedule a consultation if you need help with a case.

Severity and Types of Burn Injuries

Taking the proper steps after an accident leads to severe burns is crucial for recovery and minimizing permanent bodily injuries. According to guidance from the American Burn Association, there are essential factors to consider when deciding whether to seek care from a certified healthcare professional, such as the size and severity of the wound and its location. Burns fall within three categories of seriousness, and those include:

  • First-degree burns only damage the outermost layer of skin and will not usually require attention from a healthcare provider
  • Second-degree burn injuries affect the two outer layers of skin and usually cause blistering, but the injured party can often treat them at home as long as they do not cover a substantial part of the body
  • Third-degree burns are severe, causing damage to all three layers of skin and the tissue underneath, and they need immediate care from a medical professional to minimize scarring
  • Fourth-degree burn injuries damage all layers of skin, tissue, muscles, bones, and tendons and can be fatal

Wounds appearing charred or burnt with little feeling may have third or fourth-degree burns. Wounds on or around the face, eyes, ears, hands and feet, or genitals require care from a physician to prevent long-term health issues and permanent disabilities. Burns covering 50 percent or more of the body also require treatment at a medical care facility.

Types of Burn Wounds

There are also different types of burns, and some of those include:

  • Thermal burns occurring from contact with flames and hot surfaces
  • Scalding burn injuries from boiling liquids
  • Electrical burns from contact with electricity
  • Chemical burns from powerful acids, such as cleaning agents and paint thinner

A Reading attorney could answer specific questions after a burn injury case review and help determine the best action to recover a fair award for damages.

Establishing Liability for a Burn Injury Case

The case must prove the defendant is responsible for causing the accident to establish liability and collect compensation successfully. That requires evidence that the defendant’s negligent actions are directly linked with the plaintiff’s physical injuries and losses.

Everyone must act reasonably to prevent causing harm to others. The evidence must show that any other prudent person in the same situation would have acted differently, and the claimant sustained verifiable damages due to the thoughtless actions.

Potential Damages

After establishing liability, the court may award damages to cover the plaintiff’s monetary losses, such as medical care and ongoing treatment, loss of pay and benefits, and transportation costs for healthcare appointments. For cases involving severe bodily harm, the court will also typically award non-monetary damages, such as emotional distress, pain and anguish, and permanent scarring and disfigurement. A burn injury lawyer in Reading could help gather the necessary evidence to recover the maximum potential settlement.

Meet With a Skilled Burn Injury Attorney in Reading to Review Your Case

Severe burns can be catastrophic, affecting your physical and emotional health, overall well-being, and finances. When someone else caused the accident, you must hold them responsible for their actions.

A diligent Reading burn injury lawyer could help you through the settlement process and fight for the just award amount you deserve. Call soon to schedule a time to review your case and begin preparing a claim.