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Reading Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Prescribed or over-the-counter drugs have to go through lengthy and detailed testing to determine they are suitable for patients. As such, people place immense trust in the pharmaceutical companies behind these medications. However, sometimes, companies release medications without complete testing or analysis of potential risks. As a result, a patient can experience dangerous side effects when taking a prescribed or over-the-counter drug.

People rely on medication to make things better, not worse. However, recklessly released medicine could cause serious injury, illness, death, or other adverse side effects. You could seek compensation from the companies that manufacture drugs that harmed you through a personal injury claim. A Reading dangerous drugs lawyer could help you file a lawsuit against those companies to hold them accountable and get you the recovery you deserve.

Medication Recalls

Many medications are released to the public without thorough vetting and trial. Unsafe drugs get to the market despite manufacturing defects, dishonest study results, inadequate testing, off-label prescribing (when a drug is prescribed for a different purpose than the purpose approved by the FDA), or the manufacturer’s failure to warn of potential risks. As a result, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) releases drug recalls and new warnings for drug labels regularly.

Sadly, the FDA often recalls dangerous drugs only after a person suffers harm. The FDA has three classes of recalls. A Class 1 Recall means a drug has a reasonable probability of adverse effects. A Class 2 Recall means a drug has temporary adverse effects or potentially permanent effects. A Class 3 Recall is not likely to cause adverse effects but still needs to be recalled. A knowledgeable lawyer in Reading could educate potential plaintiffs about what factors would make a successful dangerous drug lawsuit.

Possible Damages in Dangerous Drug Claims

In order to receive damages, a person must prove the relevant medication had a design defect or manufacturing mistake or failed to warn consumers of potential risks. It is essential to have a skilled Reading lawyer in dangerous drug cases because we could collect evidence on a person’s behalf to prove why they deserve maximum compensation. A legal representative could determine who to seek damages from, which can include the drug manufacturer, drug distributor, prescribing doctor, or the hospital where the drug was received.

A lawsuit cannot completely solve the harm done, but it can help an injured person recover financially and emotionally. For example, a person could seek compensation for past and future medical bills or missed time at work. An individual could also seek reimbursement for non-financial harm, like pain and suffering and emotional distress.

A Dangerous Drug Attorney in Reading Could Guide a Claim

When medications do not work as marketed, harmful effects can occur. Unfortunately, many people who suffer negative side effects from a prescribed or over-the-counter drug are unaware that they have a potential lawsuit until it is too late. A Reading dangerous drugs lawyer could ensure you do not miss any important deadlines to get the justice you deserve. Calling our firm to take care of your case is the first step.