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Allentown Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

The term spinal cord injury is a general catchall term for any injury that affects a person’s central nervous system via damage to the spinal cord or column. Within this term are countless types of injuries that can range from relatively minor to severe and permanently disabling. A person who has suffered a permanent injury to their spine can have decades of expensive medical care to survive and live a somewhat functional life. An Allentown spinal cord injury lawyer could make a significant difference in long-term outcomes for such an individual.

Not all spinal cord injuries are the same, and some people will require far more treatment than others. Likewise, one of the more difficult parts of a catastrophic injury claim based on damage to the spine is proving someone else’s actions or inactions directly caused the specific injury.

Causes of Spinal Cord Damage

People often immediately think of work-related injuries and car accidents when thinking about back damage, but spinal cord injuries can happen in other ways, such as:

An attorney in Allentown could determine the cause of a spinal cord injury and seek compensation from those responsible.

How Spinal Injuries Affect People

When a person suffers a severe injury to the spine, it can permanently impact their ability to walk or eat unassisted and render a person incontinent. For obvious reasons, such limitations would make it impossible for many people to maintain employment. Therefore, lost wages are a significant effect of the harm suffered.

Beyond just income, however, the cost of care for spinal cord damage can be staggering, with some incurring upwards of a million dollars in intensive medical care, treatment, specialized devices, and home adaptations to keep an injured person stable. The effect on a family can be overwhelming. When someone else causes such a disastrous injury, a spinal cord damage lawyer in Allentown can help hold them responsible through a lawsuit.

Call an Allentown Spinal Cord Injury Attorney for Help With a Claim

Unlike other injuries, spinal cord injuries are among the most serious an attorney will handle. Unlike most injury claims where a person can participate in their own case and communicate with lawyers, many spinal cord injuries result in cognitive issues. A person may find themselves under legal guardianship or require an agent to serve under a durable power of attorney.

In the case of permanent paralysis, some may become eligible for Medicare and Medicaid, which then begin paying for care. When our attorneys represent an injured person, we consider Medicare set-asides and protect the person’s ongoing eligibility for public aid and Medicare following any settlement or jury award. These are a few examples of how a spinal cord injury can be challenging; without competent and skilled legal counsel, these can be almost impossible to resolve. Contact us now to start building a lawsuit.