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6 Facts About Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder After A Crash

Posted in Car Accidents on Wednesday, April 5, 2017.

Parents involved in a car crash when their children are in the vehicle usually worry about the children and push their own pain and injuries aside. While this is normal, it is something that can lead to problems down the road. Parents who are victims of car crashes might end up with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Consider these six facts about this disorder.

#1: PTSD is more common than some realize

The Department of Veterans Affairs notes that at least 9 percent of motor vehicle accident survivors have PTSD. This is likely a low estimate, as it only takes the victims who seek treatment into account. At higher estimates, an average of 60 percent of people who seek treatment after a car crash suffers from PTSD.

#2: Some people have risk factors for PTSD

Some people seem more likely to suffer from PTSD after a car crash. These include people who are already dealing with a previous traumatic event, those who suffer from other mental health conditions and those who can’t cope with trauma.

#3: PTSD is a treatable condition

PTSD is a treatable condition. Methods like cognitive behavioral therapy and similar options can help people to cope with the underlying issues. Some treatments can help them learn how to cope with stressors that contribute to a PTSD flare-up or episode.

#4: Some people with PTSD don’t seek treatment

Some people who suffer from PTSD don’t ever seek treatment for the condition. Instead, they suffer alone and try to deal with the effects the best they can. This can often lead to problems later in life. Some victims of car accidents have a fear of driving, which would be easy to understand if the driver was a parent and one of their children suffers injuries in the crash. In this case, not seeking treatment can lead to serious life-altering consequences.

#5: Even children can suffer from PTSD

PTSD isn’t limited only to adults. Children can also suffer from PTSD because of a crash or any other traumatic event. When a child has PTSD, the parents usually have to help the child learn to cope and find ways to get the child help.

#6: Compensation might be possible

Some victims of car accidents opt to seek compensation for their injuries. Keeping track of how the accident affects your life, as well as the life of the children who are in the car, can help you to show the damages you suffer. This includes copies of any bills you get or proof of any income you weren’t able to earn.