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Chili Powder From Thailand Now Under Fda-Supervised Recall

Posted in Products Liability on Friday, May 16, 2014.

Pennsylvania’s consumers expect that food and other grocery items are safe to consume when they are put on store shelves. Unfortunately, despite common safeguards that are meant to keep defective products from reaching the market, some still do, often causing injuries and sometimes killing consumers.

Anyone who uses chili powder even occasionally should note the latest product recall. Caravelle Brand Chili Powder, a spice packaged in Thailand and distributed in the United States by Anhing Corp. of Los Angeles, was recently found to contain salmonella bacteria. Anyone infected by the bacteria can experience severe abdominal cramps, fever and diarrhea.

The chili powder is packaged in an eight-ounce plastic container with a red lid and lot code number 560916. The product is labeled in English, Chinese and Thai.

Federal authorities became aware of the potential for chili powder salmonella contamination after routine testing by the state of Maryland. The Food and Drug Administration is currently investigating the cause of possible contamination. No injuries have yet been reported from the use of this product.

Unfortunately, cases such as this one have become increasingly common. Consumers can learn to protect themselves from dangerous products by frequently checking news reports and product recall websites run by consumer groups and the FDA, among others. By doing so, they can avoid buying and using these products.

Anyone who sustains an injury from the use of a defective product can seek damages from the product’s manufacturer under product liability laws. Filing a claim against a large company with an army of attorneys, however, can prove difficult. Fortunately, the injured victim of a defective product can consult with a knowledgeable legal professional who knows how to handle such cases. The professional can help a victim obtain the appropriate awards and damages to which he or she may be entitled.

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