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Claims and Ladders: What You Should Know

Posted in Workplace Injury on Thursday, December 30, 2021.

Falls can be a complicated legal matter under certain conditions. Some of the most confusing cases involve properties with certain legal regulations, instances that involve a unique set of circumstances, and the relationship of the person who fell to the property.

One question that Soloff & Zervanos has seen in recent times is that of ladders – especially in places of work. One of the reasons this is such an important topic is that falls from ladders can oftentimes result in injury or even death, causing immense financial burden. Reach out to one of our workplace injury attorneys if you or a loved one has suffered an injury from a fall.

Who Is Liable for a Ladder Fall in Pennsylvania?

The biggest question with ladder falls is who is liable. This is oftentimes confusing for both parties involved in acclaim. Special precautions should be taken when using ladders, especially on the job. The party liable depends on the scenario in which the fall occurred.

In the Case of a Defective Ladder

In the case of a defective ladder, it is seldom the fault of the person who fell. This is usually a case of product liability as the ladder should have been made according to official regulations that are designed to keep the users safe. Tools such as ladders are required to be manufactured and designed for safe use

It is important to remember that within product liability lawsuits, there can oftentimes be different places in which the fault was created. This can be done during manufacturing, design, or the marketing of the product.

If the Ladder Is Used Improperly

The ladder is used improperly by the person injured, it is usually the fault of the person who fell. Even if the fall had other external causes, it is difficult to justify these in court if the person injured on the ladder was using it incorrectly, performing dangerous tasks while on the ladder, or failing to properly ensure that it was stable before getting on it. Other faults may still allow a percentage of compensation payout depending on how liable each party was.

When a Third Party Causes the Fall

Under some circumstances, another person who did not use the ladder directly may be responsible for the fall. If a latter was knowingly set up in an unsafe way or they knocked the ladder in a way that made it unstable for the person climbing the ladder, this person would become largely responsible for any medical compensation in a lawsuit. While this may seem like common sense, responsible parties oftentimes try to cast blame on other parties resulting in complicated legal matters.

A Ladder Injury in the Workplace

Any of these circumstances could occur while someone is at work. Being at one’s place of work can result in a worker’s compensation case. Pennsylvania law mandates that if someone is injured while on the job, they are entitled to workers compensation. It is important to take the proper channels by reporting this to your place of work, seeking immediate medical care and connecting these injuries to the accident, and filing a claim.

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