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Construction Accident Injury Results In A Huge Payout

Posted in Construction Accident on Friday, June 13, 2014.

Heavy equipment, tools and elevated places are not the only hazards present on a construction site. Even cement, brink and materials being used by the construction workers and contractors may put a worker’s life on the line. While a worker may sometimes survive a serious accident in the workplace, the injuries he or she may sustain can affect an individual’s normal way of life and capacity to work again.

Take, for example, the 47-year-old worker who was injured in a construction site accident in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The man was performing work in the basement during a renovation project of an old building in Philadelphia when a stone fell while the victim and another worker were trying to insert a shore pole under a base stone. The victim lost his right leg and crushed his left foot from the accident. Due to his condition, the man is now using a wheelchair and suffers post traumatic stress syndrome.

The workplace accident victim decided to sue the site contractor, Intech Construction, blaming them for failure to abide by proper safety procedures to secure the concrete base stone after the sidewalk was demolished. Recent reports stated that the plaintiff and the defendant have come to a settlement. The injured construction worker agreed to settle the case for $16.3 million. Intech, Delta/BJDS, Central Metals are among the defendants who will take part in the payment of the settlement.

Much like any other worker in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, construction workers deserve a workplace safe from hazards, exposure and illnesses. Maintaining workplace safety should be the primary priority of employers and superiors in management. Failure to do so may not only put a worker’s life at risk, but also his or her ability to work for the worker’s family.

Source: Pennsylvania Record, “Injured construction worker reaches $16.3 million settlement,” Jim Boyle, May 30, 2014