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Couple loses their lives in Pennsylvania truck accident

Posted in Truck Accidents on Friday, December 12, 2014.

Harsh winter weather can cause a lot of drivers, including Pennsylvania motorists, to alter their usual routes. However, as evidenced by a recent truck accident, it is not only their route that drivers should be altering but also their level of alertness.

In Bethlehem, a couple who were on their way to another state lost their lives after being crushed by two large trucks. The couple decided to forego their usual route of driving along Western New York in order to avoid its slippery roads, so they decided to take Interstate 80 instead. However, a tractor-trailer who was moving at a very high speed failed to recognize that traffic was slowing down. The truck driver failed to avoid the couple’s car and struck the vehicle. The impact sent the car into the back of another tractor trailer.

The couple, a 64-year-old man and 59-year-old woman, died on the scene. The man was a physician’s assistant in a veteran’s hospital while the woman worked as a student adviser at a community college. They were on their way to Wisconsin to spend time with their children on Thanksgiving.

Whatever the season, it is important for Pennsylvania motorists, especially truck drivers, to always keep safety in mind. Trucks are large and carry huge amounts of cargo and often take a bit longer to turn or come to a complete stop. However, that delay can be enough to cause an accident. Truck accidents usually cause serious injuries to other motorists. The likelihood of death can be very high. If the truck driver was speeding or not following traffic regulations or was distracted, drowsy or intoxicated, victims can file a legal action against the driver citing negligence.

Source: Times Union, “Pennsylvania crash kills Delmar couple,” Cathleen F. Crowley, Nov. 25, 2014