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Drunk Driver Fails At Incognito Act After Causing 3-Car Crash

Posted in Car Accidents on Friday, January 10, 2014.

Outrage. That’s about the only word you can use to describe how victims of drunk driving accidents feel, and it’s completely understandable. Here they are, driving their car; or walking across the street; or riding their bike, and a reckless and irresponsible person who shouldn’t even be on the road changes their life forever.

Even simply reading about a drunk driving accident in the news can be upsetting for Philadelphia residents. It’s a question of “why” and, sadly, the answer to the question is largely irrelevant. “Why would a driver make such a negligent decision?” Doesn’t matter — they did what they did, and they should be held responsible in both criminal and civil court.

That may be a bleak outlook on drunk driving, but the decision to operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol is so profoundly reckless that you would think people would have stopped doing it by now. The Model-T came out in 1908. It’s in 2014. How are people still imbibing too much and then getting behind the wheel of a car?

So when drunk driving accidents do happen, it’s hard not to shake your head in disgust. Enter one driver in the northern region of Philadelphia who caused a three-car accident at midnight during the holidays. He was drunk and eventually arrested on DUI charges — but he also tried to escape detection by blending in with the crowd that gathered after the wreck. Two other people were injured in the wreck, as was the drunk driver.

Source: CBS Philadelphia, “Driver Arrested Following 3-Car Crash in Mount Airy,” Dec. 27, 2013