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Helmet Laws For Motorcyclists In Michigan

Posted in Motorcycle Accident on Friday, February 5, 2016.

Michigan residents who choose to ride motorcycles often put themselves at great risk. Motorcyclists are highly vulnerable to injuries. Head injuries, spinal injuries and many other types of serious injuries can result from a car accident with a motorcycle involved. These injuries can have many life-altering effects. This is why there are laws requiring motorcycle riders to wear helmets.

Michigan has strict laws for some motorcyclists regarding helmet use. In Michigan, anyone 20 and younger must wear a helmet when riding. This applies to low-power motorcycles as well. Those cycles with an engine displacement greater than 50cc, and those that can attain speeds greater than 30 mph, require the rider to wear a helmet. Anyone 18 and younger must wear a helmet regardless of the speed.

Helmets increase the safety of motorcyclists dramatically. Beyond the safety improvements and the laws for minors, there are other key legal reasons for wearing a helmet. If a motorcyclist becomes involved in an accident with a negligent driver, the victim may want to pursue a personal injury lawsuit in order to obtain compensation. However, if the motorcyclist was not wearing a helmet at the time of a crash, complications may arise. The rider may be prevented from obtaining the full compensation they are owed. Failure to wear a helmet may be considered contributory negligence.

Motorcycle accidents, as with all car accidents, contain many legal nuances. This is why it is often important to devise a strong legal strategy that anticipates every possible complication. Motorcycle accident attorneys are available to potentially assist with devising such a plan and to fight for the best possible outcome so that victims can rest easy knowing their rights are protected.