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Informing Pennsylvanians about auto defects and risks

Posted in Products Liability on Saturday, January 24, 2015.

Most manufacturers want to earn the loyalty and trust of their customers when it comes to their products. They do so by producing quality products that meet the needs of consumers in their target market, whether it is an international market or a more localized region, such as the state of Pennsylvania. In addition to product quality and marketplace competitiveness, however, manufacturers also need to be concerned about product safety.

A defective product can be considered a manufacturer’s worst nightmare. It can pose a hazard to consumers, especially if they are serious enough to threaten consumers’ lives or well-being. Consider the previous blog post about the man who became paralyzed from the faulty seatbelt design used by Honda Motor Corporation. Many more consumers are now more mindful of the risks associated with defective vehicle parts.

As our product liability webpage, explains, automobile defects have been responsible for many catastrophic injuries and deaths. Just one simple malfunction can greatly endanger drivers, passengers and other motorists. If an auto defect causes problems with steering, for example, a driver may have trouble controlling a vehicle and end up in a collision with other vehicles. In such an instance, the manufacturer of the automobile or the part may be held accountable for any resulting damages, injuries or deaths.

Under product liability law, manufacturers are responsible for protecting their customers from any possible defect in their products. This applies to a wide variety of products, including those that may take a year or longer before they are identified as defective. For this reason, we pay close attention to auto recalls from different organizations and manufacturers. Information about these recalls can be factored in how we protect the rights and interests of our clients in cases of car crashes resulting from auto defects. For more information, please visit our Defective Products webpage.