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Old And New Techniques Lead To Reduced Crime In Philly

Posted in Victims Of Crime on Thursday, July 25, 2013.

Technological innovations are impacting our lives in many ways, include how we keep our cities safe. The city of Philadelphia is proving an example of this, with a reduction in crime connected to these innovations. How is technology impacting crime enforcement efforts? Officers are now able to input data and use computer analysis to determine which areas within the city are at the highest risk for crime. Once this information is gathered, police can increase their efforts in these areas.

Of course, technology on its own is not enough to reduce crime. Officers are also returning to an old standard for police enforcement – foot patrols. Taking the time to walk around the neighborhood not only allows officers to quickly react to crime as it happens, but also discourages individuals from partaking in criminal activity in the first place.

This combination of new technology and old techniques is working. The rate of homicide in the city is down 30 percent compared to the summer of 2012 and double-digit decreases are also being observed in robbery, auto theft and assault.

In part, the change is connected to a study out of Temple University’s Center for Security and Crime Science. The study was headed by a former police officer and focused on foot patrols. He compared foot patrols to car patrols and found that areas using foot patrols experienced over 20 percent less crime than those that relied on car patrols.

Although this reduction in crime is promising, crime still happens. As a result, those who are the victims of crime should be aware of their legal rights. If you are the victim of a crime in Philadelphia, contact an experienced Philadelphia victim lawyer to discuss potential legal remedies.

Source:, “Research fuels drop in crime in Philly,” Tom Ferrick, July 24, 2013