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Pennsylvania accident involves many vehicles, injuries

Posted in Car Accidents on Thursday, January 21, 2016.

In what seems like a second, a two-car collision can evolve into a many-vehicle affair. If the collision occurs on a busy highway, it is possible for dozens of vehicles to get pulled into the wreck. In such a massive multi-vehicle car accident, it may become difficult to determine who is at fault. However, it is often possible for attorneys and law enforcement to piece together the evidence and discover whose negligence caused the accident.

According to reports, a recent accident in Pennsylvania involved as many as 50 vehicles. Reports say the accident occurred in the westbound lanes of the Pennsylvania turnpike. Of the near 50 vehicles involved, only three did not hit another vehicle. Two of the tractor trailers involved in the crash were set on fire. What’s more, three people were transported to nearby hospitals and treated for injuries.

Receiving treatment for car accident injuries can result in hefty medical bills. These medical expenses can sometimes prove to be too much to bear. For those who cannot cover the costs associated with a car accident, it can be difficult to determine what actions to take. Depending on the specifics of the case, it may be wise to pursue legal action against a negligent driver.

Taking legal action against a negligent driver may result in a victim obtaining compensation. This compensation can be used to help cover the costs associated with medical bills and vehicle damages. Attorneys are available to help victims pursue such a legal action. With a well-structured legal strategy in place, it may be possible to successfully obtain the compensation victims so often need to move on in their lives.

Source: CBS Pittsburgh, “Pa. Turnpike Near Somerset Reopens Following Multi-Vehicle Crash,” Karin Watson, January 12, 2016