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Pennsylvania’S Academic Urology Faces Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Posted in Medical Malpractice on Thursday, February 20, 2014.

Many residents of Philadelphia are aware that cancer can be a fatal disease and treating it requires expert analysis and precise medical treatments. They also believe that when they enter a hospital for a serious surgical procedure, their doctor will give them the highest level of professional care.

Unfortunately, one New Jersey woman believes that her doctor failed in his duties and she has filed a personal injury and medical malpractice lawsuit against him and the group that he works for. In the spring of 2011, the woman went to the doctor for the treatment of a lump on the upper portion of her left kidney. She underwent surgery to treat the condition in May and had a follow up visit with the physician a month later. During the check-up, the doctor informed her that her pathology report for her surgery was benign, and recommended a follow-up visit six months later.

She went back for a follow-up and was informed that an ultrasound that was taken two days earlier was negative and that her condition was still benign. However, two months later, she felt abdominal pain and went to a different hospital in another state, underwent some tests and found that there was an abdominal mass growing inside of her. Surgery was performed on her that same day and doctors found a malignant tumor.

According to the lawsuit, the doctor failed to properly perform surgery, conduct follow-up care and inform the patient about her abdominal condition. This medical error allowed the cancer to grow and metastasize in her body. The lawsuit claims that the doctor’s negligence has increased her risk for cancer and tumors, which would require extensive medical care and expenses. She is seeking compensation for these damages.

Cancer misdiagnosis risks the lives of many people across the United States and a medical error like this can result in a very severe medical condition. If that is the case, the patient may choose to file a lawsuit against the hospital or its employees to claim compensation.

Source: The Pennsylvania Record, “Academic Urology, physician sued for failure to detect malignant tumor in patient’s abdomen,” Jon Campisi, Feb. 5, 2014