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Philly Truck Driver Charged In Fatal Drunken-Driving Accident

Posted in Truck Accidents on Thursday, April 3, 2014.

Although most Pennsylvania residents think news about traffic accidents almost always means a car was involved, some accidents actually involve much larger vehicles such as buses and trucks. Because so many cars populate public roads and highways, however, cars are very frequently often involved in collisions with other types of vehicles.

The causes of accidents involving both small and large vehicles, are primarily the same and include driver negligence from cell phone use, texting and drunken driving. The last cause is especially outrageous because the remedy is simple — never drink and drive.

Unfortunately, a 67-year-old South Brunswick man recently died and his 67-year-old wife was severely injured because a truck driver from Pennsylvania was allegedly intoxicated while behind the wheel.

According to the Mercer County prosecutor’s office, the truck driven by the 65-year-old Philadelphian struck the rear of the New Jersey couple’s car and forced it to strike another car in West Windsor Township shortly after 10:15 p.m.

The wife of man killed in the car accident remains in the hospital. The driver of the second car received medical treatment and was released.

The truck driver is currently in jail and charged with failure to observe a red traffic signal, reckless driving, driving under the influence, aggravated assault and death by auto.

In this case, the family of the deceased and the injured parties can file two types of lawsuits against the driver — a wrongful death lawsuit and a personal injury lawsuit. Both lawsuits require substantial evidence, which can be obtained from the results of the police investigation and from evidence that will likely be used by prosecutors at the truck driver’s criminal trial.

Car accident victims can specify the types of damages they seek in any lawsuit they file, including punitive damages for pain and suffering, mental anguish and lost wages.

Source: Times of Trenton, “Pa. truck driver is charged with death by auto, DWI in Route 1 crash that killed South Brunswick man,” Matt Dowling, March 21, 2014