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Product Liability And Online Vendors

Posted in Products Liability on Saturday, June 15, 2019.

When you buy a product to use or consume, you should be able to expect safety. However, there may be a time when you need a Philadelphia product liability attorney to help. If the negligence of a company or manufacturer has caused you harm, let us get to work.

At Soloff & Zervanos, P.C., we recognize that obtaining compensation after a defective product injury can be difficult. Today, we want to discuss a recent case about buying products online and how it can affect you.

This is an interesting case

When you buy a product at the store, it is usually pretty clear who the manufacturer of the product is, and you clearly know where you bought the item.

But what about online purchases?

More and more people are doing their shopping online, and not just for items they buy every once in a while. Some people get their groceries and other everyday items online. Perhaps the most well-known online shopping company is Amazon.

A recent case brought in Maryland shows that holding people responsible for faulty product purchased online may not be so easy.

The case revolved around a man who bought a headlamp on Amazon’s website and gave it to a friend as a present. The headlamp’s batteries allegedly malfunctioned and started a fire that caused more than $300,000 in damages to the friend’s house.

The man’s insurance company paid the damages but then filed a lawsuit against Amazon for reimbursement. However, the US District Court for the District of Maryland concluded that, because Amazon was not the direct seller of the product, they could not be held liable for the damages. The court also said that Amazon was immune from the lawsuit under the Communications Decency Act which is a federal law protecting internet intermediaries from third-party information (in this case they were the facilitator of the sale, not the manufacturer).

Defective products are not uncommon. In many cases, it is easy to pinpoint how a product became defective and who is to blame. In others, like the case above, a lawsuit can become incredibly complex. The ultimate goal of product liability lawsuits is to hold companies and manufacturers of defective products accountable for damages and injuries they cause. Consumers can become severely injured or ill due to negligence on the part of companies and manufacturers. Victims and their families should not be left holding the bills.

What we will do to help

You should never have to worry about whether something you purchase for yourself or your loved ones will cause you harm. At Soloff & Zervanos, P.C., we are here to help if a defective product has caused an injury or illness. We know how complicated these cases can become, but that will not deter us from working to secure the compensation you need. This can include:

  • Coverage of medical expenses
  • Recovery of lost wages if you cannot work
  • Mental anguish damages
  • Loss of enjoyment of life damages
  • Punitive damages against a company or manufacturer

If you need a Philadelphia product liability attorney, You can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling us at 215-732-2260 .