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Recalled Baby Food Could Be Dangerous To Children

Posted in Products Liability on Thursday, October 6, 2016.

Graceleigh Inc., the manufacturer of Sammy’s Milk baby food, announced in early October that it is recalling its infant food product. The baby food may contain hazardous bacteria, and it also may not contain an adequate amount of iron for growing babies.

For parents who have trusted this product to provide nutrients for their infant children.

About The Recall

According to an article posted on CNN, there have been no injuries reported in regards to this specific food recall, but the risk of injury is there. Any Sammy’s Milk baby food with an expiration date of November 2016 through August 2018 is included as part of the recall because these products were not tested for a specific type of bacteria during the manufacturing process. The bacteria, known as the Cronobacter bacteria, can cause a variety of issues in young children. It was noted that Cronobacter bacteria can cause severe blood infections and even meningitis. In some cases, these infections can be fatal, particularly when the infected person is a young infant whose immune system is still developing.

Risks For Parents

For parents, the risk of their infants developing this infection is reason enough to bring the product back to the store or ship it back to the online distributor for a refund. However, there are more reasons to take Sammy’s milk baby food recall seriously.

While this product included the minimum amount of iron that is required in infant formula, it also should have added a warning that informed parents or caregivers that an iron supplement may be necessary to provide the child with all of its daily requirement of iron.

Infant formula products are highly regulated, and it’s not surprising that parents may feel disappointed or frustrated by this recall. Any parents or caregivers who have been giving Sammy’s Milk baby food to their infant children should take this recall seriously. It’s important to immediately stop using the product, and return it for a refund. Primarily, this baby food product is sold at Mother’s Market stores that are located in California, or on the product’s website

What Can You Do?

Those who have concerns about this product or fear that their infants’ illness may be connected to this recall should contact a personal injury attorney who can provide expert legal guidance during this trying time. There are many reasons to work with an experienced personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia, including:

  • A personal injury law firm can provide its clients with specific options for recourse in the event of an injury due to a manufactured product that was recalled.
  • Attorneys who specialize in product recall lawsuits understand how to approach the manufacturer. They will have a proven track record that shows they are able to achieve successful results when it comes to getting clients the compensation that they deserve.
  • In many cases, a manufacturer may try to do whatever it takes to deflect the complaints of a consumer after a recall has been issued. A personal injury attorney knows how to maneuver through the system and will advocate for their clients until they get the results that are needed after an illness or injury has occurred.

Infants are some of the most vulnerable people in society, and it’s critical that they are protected from dangerous products that are poorly manufactured. Parents should be able to trust that the food they are providing to their children is of the highest quality, and meets all safety and nutritional standards that are established by the Food and Drug Administration.

Anyone who has been using Sammy’s Milk baby food products in their home should immediately stop giving this food to their children. In addition to getting the refund that you need, you should contact a personal injury law firm in Philadelphia in order to take action.