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Recalls for auto defects might rise in the coming months

Posted in Products Liability on Friday, March 18, 2016.

The recall of automobiles due to design defects in the airbags has grown so prevalent that the public is almost inured to ongoing reports about it. However, people in Pennsylvania and all over the world need to pay attention to it as it continues. Vehicle companies whose products have the airbags manufactured by Takata could need to issue another recall because of 70 to 90 million airbag inflators that might be defective. Investigators are trying to determine the safety risks drivers face because of these airbags.

Approximately 29 million of these inflators have been recalled throughout the U.S. More problems found with these inflators could multiply the number of recalls by nearly four. The defective auto part sparked a recall in 2013. Since then, it has blossomed into the largest recall for an automobile design defect in history. The issue with the airbags stems from a chemical inside the inflators that, when deployed, might cause a rupture in the airbags and send metal shards into the compartment. So far there have been ten confirmed deaths as a result of this issue. With another recall, the number of cars pulled from the road could grow significantly.

To make matters worse, it has been found that the issues with the inflators might be due to quality control problems at North American plants where the inflators and airbags were constructed. This is making it harder to determine exactly which airbags are dangerous and which aren’t. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is still investigating these airbags with more information expected soon.

Those who have been injured or might have been injured due to an airbag rupture or any other automobile design defect might not know that it was caused by a negligent manufacturer. The real cause of consumer injury and death is often missed. This is why those who believe they were injured or a loved one was killed due to auto defects need to consider legal help with an investigation and any possible legal filing to be compensated.

Source: Time, “Biggest Recall in Auto Industry History Could Be Getting Even Bigger,” Kerry Close, Feb. 22, 2016