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New Report Shows U.S. Roads Are Dangerous By Design For Pedestrians

Posted in Pedestrian Accident on Thursday, June 17, 2021.

Smart Growth America recently released new data which looks back on how streets have been designed and used across America between the years 2008 to 2017. The report states U.S. streets have become increasingly more dangerous for pedestrians. Philadelphia often ranks in the top five of America’s “Most Walkable Cities,” but Philly still sees its share of serious pedestrian injuries and deaths every year.

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Adding up the impact

In the Dangerous By Design report, the years between 2008 and 2017 saw more than 49,000 pedestrians were struck by drivers as they were walking on streets across America. The math adds up to 13 people per day or “one person every hour and 46 minutes.”

In 2019, more than 150 pedestrians were killed in Pennsylvania and more than 4,200 were injured in pedestrian-related accidents. Philadelphia’s numbers are more modest with only 29 pedestrian fatalities in 2019, down from 42 in 2018. This is surprising with Philadelphia being the most populous city in Pennsylvania and the sixth-most populous in the country.

In 2017, Philadelphia made up 37 of the state’s 154 pedestrian fatalities. That is almost 25% of the fatalities attributed to Pennsylvania. Other interesting state statistics from 2019 include:

  • An average of 13% of yearly accident fatalities are pedestrians
  • Around 70% of pedestrian-fatalities were male
  • More than 60% of pedestrian injuries were during the day
  • More than 70% of pedestrian fatalities were at night
  • More than 50% percent of all pedestrian fatalities occur in 6 of 67 Pennsylvania counties (Philadelphia, Allegheny, Bucks, Delaware, Montgomery, and York)

The impact on pedestrians

Most of the time, when a vehicle strikes a pedestrian, the pedestrian sustains injuries. These injuries can vary widely—from minor to profoundly serious.

The most common injuries seen in pedestrian-related accidents can be minor, like:

  • Bruises
  • Bumps
  • Road rash
  • Small cuts and scrapes

Serious injuries may require major medical procedures and long-term rehabilitation. Some require lifelong care or maybe a permanent disability. Some of the major injuries most often seen in a pedestrian-related accident include:

When should I contact a lawyer?

Philadelphia is a great place to walk. Whether you want a little exercise or just in need of some fresh air, walking and jogging are wonderful ways to get a feel for the city, and the city does seem to be designed to peruse on foot, but it only takes the blink of an eye to change your life.

A second of negligence can change everything. If your life has been changed due to a pedestrian-involved accident, contact the Philadelphia pedestrian accident attorneys at Soloff & Zervanos for a free consultation by clicking here or calling us at 866-597-8572.