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We can educate you about workers’ compensation

Posted in Workers Compensation on Thursday, September 18, 2014.

Workers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, do their best in their respective jobs for the benefit of their families. Whether you are working in a fast food chain, at a construction site or in an office, your primary motivation is your family. However, doing your work properly and productively does not ensure your safety from a workplace injury.

Fortunately, there are laws enacted to protect American workers from on-the-job injuries and work-related accidents. Our firm is familiar with these laws, particularly Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation system and its benefits. Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation program was created to protect employees who sustained a work-related injury. The program also safeguards those who develop an illness or a disease as a result of hazardous working conditions or environments.

In this program, it is essential for any worker to understand their rights in the event of work accidents, injuries or even death. Workers should note that the state laws and regulations were not implemented to protect employers and companies, they were designed specifically for workers in order to maintain workplace safety.

Although the workers’ compensation program does not protect you from a work-related accident, if one occurs, it will save you from expenses and costs caused by workplace injuries or illnesses. We are familiar with the different injuries covered under Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation. Our firm is also knowledgeable about the benefits you might be entitled to if you are injured on-the-job, ranging from hospital bills to prescription medicine, to lost wages.

The workers’ compensation act understands how challenging it is for a worker to lose income and face financial challenges due to workplace injuries or occupational diseases. Just like Pennsylvania’s Worker’s Compensation, our firm distinguishes the difficulties associated with getting injured on the job. The legal insights we provide to victims and their families ensure that they will obtain the benefits they are entitled to.