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Allentown Child Injury Lawyer

Children are vulnerable to accidents and injuries because they have less experience and understanding about things that could cause them bodily harm. Thankfully, many kids bounce back quickly. However, when an accident is severe, it can leave your child with permanent disabilities that require ongoing medical treatment.

When your child suffers injuries in an accident because of someone else’s negligence, you may have the right to seek compensation. Contact a compassionate Allentown child injury lawyer to help you with an investigation and preparation of a personal injury lawsuit.

Common Child Injury Case Causes

Kids can sustain injuries anywhere and during any activity, but some of the most common causes for injury cases include:

  • Playground accidents in school or at daycare
  • Swimming pool accidents, including accidental drowning
  • Dog bites and attacks
  • Dangerous and defective toys and children’s furniture
  • School bus accidents caused by careless bus operators or third-party drivers
  • Severe burn injuries from children having access to hazardous chemicals, boiling water, or open fire
  • Accidental poisoning
  • Defective baby products

A significant portion of accidents leading to small children suffering harm are entirely avoidable. Unfortunately, many of them have severe and life-threatening or fatal consequences. A child injury attorney in Allentown could conduct a rigorous investigation and careful evidence analysis to determine the cause and liable party. They could help gather the necessary evidence to establish fault and recover the maximum potential compensation amount.

Potential Recoverable Damages

The potential recoverable damages for injury claims involving children depend on the severity of their bodily injuries and whether they cause long-term and permanent disabilities. Some examples of monetary damages include medical costs and ongoing treatment and devices. The court may also award noneconomic damages, including emotional distress and trauma, permanent disabilities, and pain and suffering.

Attractive Nuisance Liability

Landowners have no duty or legal obligation to keep their land safe and protect adult trespassers from harm after entering the property. However, some circumstances could make them liable for children who enter if they gain access because the property is not locked and secure.

Under the Attractive Nuisance Liability Rule, property owners, managers, and renters who fail to secure their property when they have things known to attract young children could be responsible for covering the monetary damages. Some examples of those items include:

  • Swimming pools and manufactured ponds or other bodies of water
  • Treehouses or other buildings that attract kids
  • Parts of the property are under construction, with large machinery and other hazardous items outside
  • Old and dilapidated vehicles or home appliances
  • Trampolines
  • Water fountains and wells

The case must prove to the court the landowner knew or should have known the items would attract children. A lawyer in Allentown could review the statute and help determine if a child injury case qualifies for damages under the attractive nuisance liability rule.

Speak to a Skilled Child Injury Attorney in Allentown

Seeing your young children suffering from bodily harm is one of the worst pains parents can face. When an avoidable accident causes them to sustain injuries because of someone else’s negligence, the worry and anger can feel paralyzing.

State personal injury legislation could entitle you to collect an award for damages from the liable party when their actions caused your child to sustain severe injuries. Call a hard-working and knowledgeable Allentown child injury lawyer today to schedule an appointment for more information and legal guidance.