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Assault in Philadelphia school spurs investigation, charges

Posted in Sexual Abuse on Friday, March 28, 2014.

Parents send their children to school under the assumption that faculty and staff will take measures to keep students safe. Unfortunately, school officials don’t always uphold their responsibility and students can be seriously hurt.

According to a recent report, multiple students were involved in an assault at a Philadelphia elementary school. Police was called to the school and were immediately told by school security officials that family members of one a student entered the premises and attacked several students and three school employees. At this time, police have arrested two people and are seeking another suspect.

CBS Philadelphia is reporting that a woman and her teenage daughter were arrested shortly after the incident. The person wanted for assault is a 44-year-old man, though it’s not clear what his exact relationship is to the student who attended the school.

Immediately following the attack, one person was brought to a local hospital to be treated for a concussion. Other specific injuries sustained during the incident weren’t included in the initial news story.

The hope is that a full investigation is launched to determine exactly what happened. Most importantly, it must be determined whether or not the individuals who committed the crime were permitted to be on school grounds. If they weren’t, how were they able to get through school security?

Crime victims, such as those involved in the recent school assault, may have options available to recover damages. Depending on the results of any police or private investigation, it’s possible that school officials are liable for failing to maintain safe and secure premises.

Source: CBS Philly, “Arrests Made Following Assault At Philadelphia Elementary School,” March 28, 2014