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Fda Issues Statement About Danger Of Laser Toys

Posted in Products Liability on Tuesday, August 13, 2013.

Parents in Philadelphia and across the country are paying attention to a recent statement issued by the Food and Drug Administration dealing with the safety of toys that include a laser component. Manufacturers of laser products that are currently targeted at kids could be at risk for claims of product liability as more people become aware of the risks lasers can pose.

According to the FDA statement, laser beams have the potential to degrade eyesight significantly over time, with repeated inappropriate exposure creating a risk of blindness. Because the eye injury created by lasers is usually painless, many victims are not aware there is a problem with their eyesight until weeks after the incident. Eyesight damage caused by lasers is permanent, a fact that may surprise many parents who assume that products marketed for children are safe.

The FDA report mentioned several types of products marketed as toys that should be used with caution, including toy guns with laser sights, toys that project laser beams into the room to create an optical light show such as spinning tops, and laser swords. In an effort to make sure that lasers are used safely, the FDA recommended that lasers should never be pointed directly into anyone’s eyes. Parents are also encouraged to check the packaging or labeling of toys for wording that indicates the product meets federal regulations for laser products.

Individuals who have been adversely affected by a faulty product need guidance about their legal options. Personal injury attorneys may help their clients to navigate the legal process and seek compensation.

Source: Huffington Post, “Laser Toys Are Dangerous For Kids, FDA Says“, Mandy Velez, August 07, 2013