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Healthcare Workers Most Likely To Be Injured On The Job

Posted in Workers Compensation on Thursday, August 8, 2013.

A report says that healthcare workers, not firefighters or police officers, are the most likely in any industry to get hurt or sick on the job. Unsafe working conditions in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare workplaces resulting in injury or illness were more numerous than those in the manufacturing or construction industries, according to the report.

Manufacturing was second on the list in the report, which looked at OSHA inspections, OSHA violations, workplace injury accidents and other factors. Healthcare injuries and illnesses were tallied at 654,000 in 2010, some 152,000 more than those in manufacturing. Regarding OSHA inspections, healthcare workers outnumber those in the construction industry by a ratio of 2-1, but construction work sites were inspected 20 times more often than healthcare environments.

Labor Department officials said they would take a look at the numbers in the report to see if changes needed to be made. They defended the disparity in OSHA inspections between healthcare work sites and construction sites by noting that the latter see far more fatalities. Another problem mentioned by labor officials is that OSHA’s 2013 budget has to spread its $535 million over more than 7 million work sites, which may be inadequate.

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Source: USA Today, “In health care industry, who will keep workers safe?“, Fatimah Waseem, August 03, 2013