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Has a loved one suffered elder abuse? Contact us for more details

Posted in Nursing Home Neglect on Friday, June 26, 2015.

There comes a time in many people’s lives when hard choices have to be made with respect to their elderly parents’ health and their overall quality of life and care. Many elderly persons suffer from medical conditions that simply make it unfeasible for them to be able to live with their families due to the care they need.

Whether it’s due to an elderly person’s need for round the clock expert medical supervision or a host of other reasons, many families may not be able to adequately take care of their elderly family members and their only alternative may be to place them in a nursing home. Many people hope that their loved one will get adequate care that they require at the nursing home. No one expects their family members to suffer neglect.

Unfortunately there are times when an elderly person may suffer abuse at the hands of their caretaker at the nursing home. The very people tasked with the responsibility of looking after the elderly and ensuring they experience life in a safe and secure environment may harm them.

Under existing law, nursing homes are required to provide residents a safe and secure place. When they fail to do so and harm results, the elder who suffers abuse and their family may be entitled to compensation for elder abuse.

Our Pennsylvania residents may find it helpful to learn that the staff at Soloff & Zervanos P.C. have the legal expertise and experience to provide competent representation in cases of elder abuse and ensure that your loved one is protected. It is our mission to work with our clients closely explaining all their legal options and how to go about exercising those options in the most effective manner.

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