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Is product manufacturing important to Pennsylvania consumers?

Posted in Products Liability on Wednesday, November 19, 2014.

Some people buy products simply because of their design. For example, some car owners in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, may buy a vehicle for its design, seating capacity and features. This can also apply if a person is buying a smart phone. However, the product design is not the only important feature when it comes time to choosing a product. Consumers should also be mindful of the product’s safety as well.

According to a recent source, safety is sometimes compromised during the manufacturing process for some products. This means that even though a well-designed product makes it to a store’s shelves, there is still a possibility that its parts are defective.

Manufacturing defects happens when a product is improperly manufactured or produced. If that is the case, the manufacturer is placing the consumers’ safety at risk. Based on the Third Restatement of Torts, manufacturing defect occurs when the product departs from its intended design or use, regardless of whether the manufacturer exercised due care during the preparation and marketing of the product.

This means that even though the manufacturer was careful when designing the product, including choosing the materials and issuing the quality assurance, if a product was improperly manufactured, the manufacturer may be liable for any injuries and other damages caused by the defective product. In fact, defects in manufacturing are common in product liability cases. And even though there are quality controls in place at the manufacturing plant, defective products can still get through the quality assurance process.

Proper product manufacturing is crucial in order to guarantee the profitability of a business. It also ensures that the consumer’s safety is guaranteed. Otherwise, the manufacturer may face liabilities under product liability laws. These liabilities cover both the financial and emotional damages caused by any injuries or fatalities.