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Saving elders from harmful nursing home neglect

Posted in Nursing Home Neglect on Friday, November 14, 2014.

Pennsylvanians will agree that malnutrition is a serious health issue for children in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. However, this issue is no less urgent when it affects elders and nursing home residents. Anyone may suffer malnutrition when the body is deprived of significant and needed vitamins and nutrients because not enough good food is available for consumption. Dehydration is similar to malnutrition because it happens when a person is not getting the necessary fluids. Unfortunately, many elderly people, specifically nursing home residents, are experiencing these conditions.

Our firm knows that concerned children or relatives pay for nursing home care in order to assure that an elderly beloved one is well-cared for and monitored for any health issues. However, sometimes the nursing home facility trusted to provide this care ends up neglecting its duties. Our nursing home neglect page states that malnutrition and dehydration are signs of nursing home abuse or neglect. While it is not easy to determine that a resident is experiencing malnutrition, if the condition continues unnoticed, it may result in devastating health outcomes.

In such instances, our legal team can assist you in determining whether your loved one is being neglected. We are familiar with the different signs of nursing home abuse, which include bedsores, falls, wandering and poor physique. Our experience in handling nursing home neglect cases has provided our firm with the knowledge to save elders from more harm while in a nursing care facility.

When it comes to nursing home abuse cases, it is essential for those involved to choose the best course of action as quickly as possible. Elders are more prone to illness and health complications which may result from malnutrition or abuse. Acting sooner may also let us navigate different ways to prove the potential negligence of staff and the facility owner. If negligence is involved, we can ensure that all damages associated with a nursing home abuse case will be compensated.