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Lehigh County car accident results in injuries and DUI arrest

Posted in Car Accidents on Friday, January 30, 2015.

A car accident usually requires a few weeks for investigators to examine the factors that contributed to the crash, in order to determine how and why the accident happened. Police may also conduct a criminal background check on all drivers involved, and review their driving records for violations, traffic citations, and particularly drunk driving convictions. While previous driving violations may be unrelated to the current case, they may help provide a snapshot of the driving behaviors of those involved.

An example of past history affecting current events is a recent car accident in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, which left a woman seriously hurt. According to a report, a driver involved in the accident is now facing felony aggravated assault charges including driving under the influence. The crash occurred along Riverview Drive in Lehigh Township where a township officer found the two vehicles stopped on the same side of the road, facing different directions.

The injured victim’s car suffered heavy damage on the passenger side, and the driver sustained broken ribs, internal injuries and body scratches and bruises. Officers said the accused appeared to be drunk at the scene and a blood test showed his blood-alcohol content was 0.11, exceeded the legal driving limit of 0.08. The driver, who has two prior drunk driving convictions, was arraigned and released after posting bail. He will face a court appearance next month.

Car accident injuries can physically impact a victim’s life in many ways. They can also provide financial challenges due to expenses associated with treatment, such as hospitalization, surgery and rehabilitation needed for recovery. However, if those injuries are attributed to a DUI-related accident, a victim may be entitled to compensation, which may be obtained by filing a personal injury lawsuit.

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