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Options when pursuing compensation after a truck accident

Posted in Truck Accidents on Thursday, November 5, 2015.

Semi-truck accidents can be more devastating than other accidents involving smaller vehicles. The reasons are obvious – commercial trucks can weigh thousands of pounds, and that much weight traveling at high speeds creates a highly destructive force. Philadelphia residents who have been involved in such accidents are likely aware of just how devastating these accidents can be. However, some may not be aware of what their options are when pursuing compensation after a truck accident.

Following a truck accident, there are a number of options victims and their families can choose to pursue. Before taking any kind of action, it is important to establish what kind of vehicle was involved. If the vehicle involved was a commercial vehicle, then the options available to victims and their families may be different. Commercial vehicles can include anything from eighteen-wheeler tractor trailers to tanker trucks to delivery trucks. Standard pickup trucks may be used by some companies as well. Drivers of these vehicles are bound by law to abide by federal trucking violations. Failure to do so can render the driver or company liable in an accident.

If a commercial vehicle was involved, in some cases it may make the most sense for victims to pursue legal action against a trucking company. A company may be legally liable if an employment relationship between the company and the driver can be proven.

Truck accidents can have wide-reaching effects on victims. They may cause victims to be unable to work, preventing them from earning the wages they need to live and support themselves. Thankfully, recovery in a personal injury lawsuit can include compensation for lost wages. Earning capacity that was damaged may also be compensated. Recovery can also include compensation for medical expenses.

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