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Pennsylvania brings myriad charges against nursing home company

Posted in Nursing Home Neglect on Wednesday, July 15, 2015.

The state of Pennsylvania has pushed forward with some serious charges against an operator of numerous nursing homes across the state. The business accused of nursing home neglect charges is Golden Gate National Senior Care, a company that is in charge of 36 nursing homes.

The accusations against Golden Gate are severe, making the company seem conniving and deceitful throughout the entire process of getting new patients and caring for them. The lawsuit alleges falsified records, deceitful marketing tactics, willful deception of state inspectors, unclean facilities, and the company’s inability to even tend to the most basic needs of patients.

You can see a list of the negligent activities of the Golden Gate company in the source article at the bottom of this post, but given their general nature and the clear lack of management and leadership these allegations seem to indicate, it seems clear that this organization is broken from top to bottom.

It’s sad because nursing homes are truly important facilities that usually run without many flaws. Mistakes are going to happen and some things may be imperfect — but widespread and consistent negligence like what is alleged at Golden Gate is despicable and disgusting.

When a resident of a nursing home abused, or the nursing home’s practices are so negligent that it negatively affects the residents, then legal action must be taken to hold that nursing home (or it’s operator) responsible. The resident, and his or her loved ones, need to consult with an experienced attorney to help them prepare their case.

Source: The Mercury News, “Pa. alleges patient neglect at 14 nursing homes,” July 1, 2015