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Protecting the rights of truck accident victims

Posted in Truck Accidents on Friday, November 13, 2015.

Truck accidents involve many unique facets that are absent in other types of motor vehicle accidents. Sometimes, a victim may be unsure as to what actions are appropriate following an accident with a large commercial truck. Some Philadelphia residents may wonder who is responsible for such an accident and who should provide compensation — in other words, should the trucker be held responsible, or should the trucking company.

Of course, knowing who to sue often requires the expertise of a legal professional. Thankfully, our firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of truck accident victims and steering them in the right direction following a truck accident. Truck accidents can involve many nuances — sometimes a driver’s failure to get adequate rest caused the accident, sometimes it was a manufacturer’s error. Our firm helps victims build a strong legal strategy based on the specifics of the case.

The specifics of truck accident cases vary. However, oftentimes they can all be traced back to a similar root cause — the negligence of a truck driver or the negligence of a trucking company. Commercial trucks can weigh thousands of pounds. This amount of weight traveling at a high speed creates a deadly force. Because of the immense size of the trucks, there exist federal trucking regulations intended to protect other drivers on the road. If any of these regulations have been violated, a driver or trucking company may owe the victim compensation.

Victims often rely on compensation in order to cover the many expenses resulting from a truck accident. Medical expenses, vehicle costs and other expenses related to a truck accident can prove to be too much for a victim to bear. Thankfully, our firm fights for victims of such truck accidents, helping to hold the negligent party responsible and allowing victims to obtain the compensation they need to achieve peace of mind.

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