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Tag: Sexual Assault Attorney

On behalf of Soloff & Zervanos, P.C. On Wednesday, July 28, 2021.

Angry, anxious, depressed, guilty, sad, and scared are all emotions associated with the distressful trauma after a sexual assault. Mix these with the shame or embarrassment some feel after sexual assault, and you can see the possibility of victims developing symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Too often, sexual assaults go unreported. Survivors may be […]

On behalf of Soloff & Zervanos, P.C. On Wednesday, April 28, 2021.

For more than 30 years, rumors circulated about Warminster police officer James Carey. Concerned parents wrote letters and reported he acted too playfully around male students. After a few investigations turned up nothing, Carey continued to be active in the police force and other organizations that gained him access to young boys. Finally, four brave […]

On behalf of Soloff & Zervanos, P.C. On Friday, December 30, 2016.

From the Bill Cosby sexual assault scandal, to the decision in Dollar General Corporation v. Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians, 2016 has seen the spread of sexual assault awareness nationwide. Rebecca O’ Connor, the vice president of public policy for the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN) said that the prevalence of headline-grabbing sexual assaults reported […]

On behalf of Soloff & Zervanos, P.C. On Wednesday, June 1, 2016.

The Sexual Assault Survivors’ Rights Act was passed by a vote of 89 – 0 in the United States Senate on May 23, 2016. This federal bill specifies what rights victims of sexual violence are entitled to. Read more about the passage of this bill, and the 24 year-old survivor that served as bill sponsor Jeanne Shaheen’s […]

On behalf of Soloff & Zervanos, P.C. On Wednesday, June 19, 2013.

A Pennsylvania woman faces charges of simple assault, harassment, and disorderly conduct after an alleged domestic violence dispute. The 49-year-old woman was charged with misdemeanor assault after allegedly striking a 45-year-old man on the back of the head with a flashlight. Authorities were initially called to the apartment of the woman to investigate a domestic […]