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We provide legal strength for truck accident victims

Posted in Truck Accidents on Friday, March 20, 2015.

Every commercial truck driver is legally required to pass driving tests that demonstrate they have the proper skills and knowledge to drive large trucks safely anywhere in the country, including Pennsylvania. Every driver should be able to navigate through unfamiliar territory and be capable of handling different road conditions and hazards. A driver also must be able to watch for height clearances to ensure their commercial vehicles will not destroy property or be damaged. Finally, every truck driver should understand the person’s responsibility in ensuring the safety of other drivers and pedestrians around them. Unfortunately, not all drivers meet these responsibilities.

Commercial trucks are common sights in Philadelphia, transporting finished goods and raw materials alike. Some trucks, however, are operated by unqualified truck and negligent drivers, among them drivers who do not have enough rest before getting behind the wheel. Too often, these drivers are involved in serious accidents that injure and kill the occupants of other vehicles as well as pedestrians.

Our Philadelphia law firm has handled a variety of personal injury and wrongful death cases involving commercial truck accidents. Crashes can arise from driver fatigue, distracted driving, and drunk driving, among other negligent behaviors. We know how important it is to identify every factor that contributes to an accident, and we will use investigators to follow up with police reports and look at accident scenes themselves.

We also understand the challenges that accidents inflict on the lives of victims and their families. We work to protect victims by securing evidence and providing testimony from truck accident experts. This can help establish the party at fault, which is useful in pursuing full compensation for all injuries and damages. Truck accident litigation is not easy, but helping accident victims with their struggles is one of our missions. Contact us by calling at 215-732-2260 or clicking here to start a conversation with our Philadelphia truck accident attorney today.